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Atlanta - Madison - LaGrange County - Brunswick/ Darien 


Coach Atiba Mbiwan | BRAG Dream Team - Atlanta

Coach Anita Collins | Geechee Kunda Club - Brunswick

Coach Sha'Ron Hurt Baldwin | Dream Team Club - Milledgeville

Coach Philip Wu | Boys & Girls Club of Madison-Morgan County - Madison

Coach Eddie Rhodes | Dream Team Club - LaGrange


Dream Team Transforms from Annual Bike Ride Program for Atlanta Youth to Year-Round Cycling Organization with Clubs around Georgia


Although the BRAG Dream Team was created for middle school youth in Atlanta, interest in the program came from all over the state of Georgia as BRAG participants and supporters witnessed the Dream Team in action.  Nonetheless, it took 16 years before the Dream Team grew roots outside of Atlanta but this growth was contagious.

After several years of participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Century Bike Ride in Dublin, the 2011 experience was special for the Dream Team because it was the first time that Dublin youth participated and they excelled!  This local connection was fostered by veteran Dream Team Coach Phyllis Turner, a native of Dublin, who returned home (from Atlanta) to teach in 2009.  The Dublin youth were members of the Oconee Community Mentoring Association (OCMA) and the OCMA President Chris Johnson, Sr. immediately stepped up to be their Dublin Dream Team Coach when he heard that they wanted to continue participating on long distance bike rides.

By 2012, another Dream Team club was created in Madison, GA through the Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club and the sponsorship of the Bryans Family Foundation.  Coach Neil Walker was instrumental in providing training for this new club and Coach Cyndi Bowen assisted in the growth of this second club.

And this momentum led to the creation of a third club outside of Atlanta the following year in the City of Milledgeville, first led by Coach Doug Keith and then by BRAG veteran Coach ShaRon Hurt.

In 2017, the newest club was created on the Georgia coast at the Geechee Kunda Center thanks to Jim & Pat Bacote, Coach Anita Collins and Coach Dale Redwood.

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