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Thelma Robinson

Dream Team Coach

Thelma Robinson brings a wealth of experience and passion to the BRAG Dream Team, backed by her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Limestone College and certification as a USAC Cycling Coach. With 25 years of road riding experience, Thelma is a fervent advocate for cycling and a dedicated proponent of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the cycling community.

Thelma's journey with the Dream Team began through her involvement with the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club (MACC). In 2017, she worked closely with the Dream Team Composite (Youth MBT), an experience that led to her nomination and subsequent appointment to the board. As a board member, Thelma has played an integral role in organizing and participating in various events, including the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG), the Paceline Ride for Cancer, and the Ride for Ahmaud Arbery. Her contributions have been pivotal in supporting the Dream Team's mission and fostering its growth.

Thelma envisions the Dream Team's framework being replicated across communities and educational institutions, amplifying its positive impact throughout Georgia and beyond. Her steadfast commitment to the Dream Team's values and her dedication to mentoring young cyclists make her a vital part of the organization. Through her efforts, Thelma continues to inspire and guide the next generation of cyclists, ensuring that the Dream Team's influence extends far and wide.

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