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We strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where youth from all backgrounds can come together, challenge themselves, and grow both on and off the bike.



Our Story

The BRAG Dream Team was born out of a passion for cycling and a commitment to youth empowerment. Established in 1994 as a program under the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG), the Dream Team began by serving middle school students from Atlanta Public Schools. What started as a local initiative has since evolved into a statewide movement, reaching and transforming the lives of countless young people across Georgia.

In 2013, the Dream Team became an independent nonprofit organization, dedicated to using the power of cycling to teach essential life skills, promote healthy lifestyles, and build strong, supportive communities. Our long-distance bike rides symbolize the journey of life, where young riders learn to pace themselves, shift gears, take regular breaks, and dream big. With the support of passionate coaches, volunteers, and sponsors, the Dream Team has grown into a beacon of hope and inspiration for youth across the state.

Our success is built on the dedication of our coaches, like Daylon Martin, Andre Rolle, and Kevin J. Fitzgerald, who bring their unique experiences and unwavering commitment to mentoring the next generation. Together, we create a nurturing environment where young cyclists can develop confidence, resilience, and a sense of community.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on expanding our reach and impact. We are committed to establishing new Dream Team chapters across Georgia, ensuring that more youth have access to the life-changing experiences that cycling offers. Our community events, training programs, and tours are designed to engage and inspire young people, fostering a lifelong love for cycling and a dedication to personal and collective growth. With each new rider, we move closer to a future where every young person can realize their potential and contribute to a healthier, more connected world

Our Vision

At the BRAG Dream Team, our vision is to empower youth through the transformative power of cycling. We envision a future where every young person has the opportunity to discover their potential, develop essential life skills, and achieve their dreams.







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Our Coaches

Coach Photos

Andre Rolle

Andre Rolle, an avid cyclist for nearly two decades, discovered his passion for cycling while driving down a county street and seeing a group of cyclists. His journey with BRAG started in 2020 when he participated in a BRAG ride and met Coach Eddie, another aspiring Dream Team coach.

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Dana, a dynamic cycling and wellness coach, has a remarkable background in organizing events and raising significant funds for cancer research. Her infectious energy and passion for cycling led her to join the BRAG Dream Team in June 2023.

Coach Photos

Daylon Martin

Since taking on the role of head coach for the Milledgeville team in 2019, Daylon Martin has brought his unwavering passion for cycling to four schools from Milledgeville to Macon.

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Detorio Brown

Detorio Brown began as a curious parent observing Milledgeville's cycling group, initially attending a few practices. His experience at the MACC One Love event in Atlanta, Georgia, ignited a passion for cycling within him, prompting him to join the team.

Coach Photos

Eddie Rhodes

Eddie Rhodes, the Coach/Coordinator of the LaGrange, Georgia Chapter Dream Team, is a retired educator from the Technical College System of Georgia. As a League Certified Instructor (LCI) certified by the League of American Bicyclists, Eddie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Coach Photos

Fred Hay

Fred Hay joined the Dream Team in March 2019 and participated in his first BRAG event in June of the same year. Although Fred has been biking all his life, the experience of road-cycling, long-distance rides, and coaching was a new adventure for him.

Coach Photos

James Tyler

Coach Photos

Kevin J. Fitzgerald

Kevin J. Fitzgerald's cycling journey began as a young commuter and member of the Southern Bicycle League at age 16 in 1972.
Kevin first rode with the Dream Team in 1995 and has been a dedicated coach and supporter ever since, even assisting injured riders during BRAG 2001.

Coach Photos

Mike Edwards

Coach Photos

Philip Wu

Philip Wu Jr.'s first encounter with the BRAG Dream Team dates back to 1996, when he witnessed the team's triumphant finish at a BRAG event. This inspiring moment sparked his commitment to coaching and mentoring Dream Team members.

Coach Photos

Renee Hay

Renee Hay joined the Dream Team alongside her husband Fred in March 2019 and took part in her first BRAG event in June that year. While she has always enjoyed biking, the combination of road-cycling, long-distance rides, and coaching was a new and exciting challenge for her.

Coach Photos

Thelma Robinson

A USAC Certified Cycling Coach with 25 years of road riding experience, joined the Dream Team in 2017 through the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club and now serves as a board member. She is dedicated to promoting diversity in cycling and envisions expanding the Dream Team's impact across Georgia and beyond.

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