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Kevin J. Fitzgerald

Dream Team Coach

Kevin J. Fitzgerald's cycling journey began as a young commuter and member of the Southern Bicycle League at age 16 in 1972. His notable achievements include completing a transcontinental tandem ride in 1986 and participating in BRAG events since 1987. Kevin first rode with the Dream Team in 1995 and has been a dedicated coach and supporter ever since, even assisting injured riders during BRAG 2001.
Known for his careful and safe cycling techniques, Kevin trains young riders, teaching them the importance of teamwork, especially when operating a tandem. Despite being born in 1956 and slowing down with age, his skills and passion remain sharp. Kevin has a wealth of experience, from recording video scenes of BRAG events to helping Dream Team riders participate in the RAGBRAI in Iowa. His commitment to mentoring youth through cycling has left a lasting legacy, making him a respected and admired figure within the Dream Team community.

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