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Andre Rolle

Dream Team Coach

Andre Rolle, an avid cyclist for nearly two decades, discovered his passion for cycling while driving down a county street and seeing a group of cyclists. Intrigued by the peace of mind it offered, he began riding seriously and has been on the saddle ever since. His journey with BRAG started in 2020 when he participated in a BRAG ride and met Coach Eddie, another aspiring Dream Team coach.
Joining the Dream Team has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of his life, blending his love for cycling with his passion for education. As an educator, Andre cherishes the opportunity to coach young riders, guiding them not only on their bikes but also in life. His enthusiasm and dedication to the Dream Team family are palpable, making him a beloved figure in the community. Andre takes immense pride in contributing to the positive impact the Dream Team has on youth, inspiring them to dream big and achieve their goals.

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