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Welcome to the
BRAG Dream Team Website!

Our website is designed to tell the story of the BRAG Dream Team, from its humble beginnings as a BRAG program serving only middle school students from Atlanta Public Schools in 1994 to its maturing in 2013 as an independent nonprofit organization serving middle and high-school-age youth across the state of Georgia.

By using long-distance bike rides as a metaphor for the journey of life, the BRAG Dream Team experience teaches young people how to pace themselves, shift gears, rest regularly, hydrate constantly, eat wholesomely, work together, and dream BIG goals.

The BRAG Dream Team is comprised of dedicated adult volunteers who serve as Coaches and SAG (Support and Gear) Drivers to youth who need support “from the village” as they move up to middle school and to high school and eventually become responsible caring adult coaches to the next generation. Essentially, the BRAG Dream Team experience is a youth leadership development opportunity for young women and young men who “want to grow by the mile.”

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Board of Directors 

  • Anita Collins

  • Atiba Mbiwan

  • Thelma Robinson

  • Rose Rocker

  • Solomon Seaborn

  • Phyllis Turner

  • Neil Walker

  • Margaret McDaniel

The BRAG DREAM Team Welcomes you to
Our New Home!

The NIA Building

@Pittsburgh Yards

352 University Ave SW

Atlanta, GA 30310

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One Love. One Team.


20th Anniversary
King-to-King Tour

Since 1994, the BRAG Dream Team has helped youth in Georgia

grow one mile at a time by cycling across the state and beyond.


The Ride that Inspired It All 

The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing affordable, family-oriented bicycle tours in and across the state of Georgia. BRAG’s rides are just that -- rides, not races -- for young and old, beginners and experts, and everyone in between. On BRAG, cyclists discover Georgia on two wheels, proving a unique perspective on the state’s diverse landscape and small towns. As a fun fitness adventure, our riders also discover themselves in a new way. Just ask anyone holding one of BRAG’s coveted Century Ride bandannas what it’s like to ride 100 miles in a single day. ​ BRAG’s main event is the week-long summer ride, Big BRAG, which covers about 60 miles a day. Cyclists spend 7 days pedaling across Georgia on a different back-roads route each year. Additionally, BRAG hosts 2 smaller weekend events and a winter getaway. Aside from the epic cycle routes, BRAG is also popular for showcasing the best of Georgia (food, beverages, and sites) and our great post-ride entertainment and activities. There’s nothing like toasting to the day’s long ride at the BRAG after-ride parties each afternoon. The BRAG spirit keeps many riders coming back year after year to make BRAG a favorite vacation.

2023 Special Dates
  • Monthly Training Rides – Atlanta, Brunswick, LaGrange

  • BRAG Spring Tune Up – Rutledge, GA | April 14th – 16th

  • BRAG 2023 – Clayton, GA to Augusta, GA | June 3rd – 10th

  • RAGBRAI - Iowa | July 23rd – 29th

  • One Love Century – Atlanta | September 2nd

  • Paceline – Augusta, GA | October 15th

  • Ride In Remembrance – Atlanta | November 4th


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